Hello, my name is Claire Eliza.

Grew up riding horses in the Pacific Northwest. Learned to photograph in the canyons of Northern Arizona. Split adult life between New York & Paris. Swam with whale sharks, explored active volcanoes, spent nights alone in a tent in the Sahara. Photographed over 80 weddings in Morocco, Poland, Croatia, the West, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, UK, the Caribbean, Vietnam & beyond.  

Now a digital nomad on the road, Iā€™m sharing our ever-evolving itinerary, supplying packing guides, food maps, spa recommendations, ethical travel tips and so much more. Follow the adventures on my Instagram, Adventure Claire.

Want to get in touch? Send me an email at hello@claireeliza.com.

View my free-spirited & candid wedding work at claireeliza.com.