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Why We're Packing Up Our Things & Moving Abroad

Why We're Packing Up Our Things & Moving Abroad

It shouldn’t really be a question, right? Why would we pack up our tiny New York City apartment to head to the dreamy jungles and beaches of the world for a never-ending honeymoon? It may seem an easy pitch, but our “life plans” took us through a bit of a route to get there.


I came to Jack with the idea of packing up and working abroad in January, after many discussions of “we can’t live in New York much longer but where else would we live?” Already working remotely for Bridal Musings, and always having dreamt of traveling freely abroad in a state of eternal summer, I knew it could be a dream scenario finally come true. However, the timing was off. Jack, less than a year into his real estate career (and kicking ass at that) wanted to wait to see how his new job panned out, so we waited.

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In a last ditch effort to make New York City a bit more livable, we adopted the sweetest Border Collie from Taiwan, Teddy. It was a 24/7 lift of our spirits - our first pet together and my first dog, Teddy brought us more joy that even my animal-loving self ever knew. My chronic anxiety seemed to vanish, we were healthier, more active, Teddy seemed so happy. Life in New York was considerably brighter.

Then, in a freak accident only two months after we adopted him, Teddy died.

Before I even reached the street where Teddy was found, Jack knew this was it, this was the end of our life in New York. After seven years in the city we were ready for a new life, so we started dreaming, and started planning.


“We could live in Todos Santos, Mexico!” I said, “On just my salary alone!” Consulting cost-of-living sites and browsing Airbnb I would yell, “We could roam our beloved Vietnam! Eating out for every meal, living in hotels and saving more money than we ever had in our lives!” Jack finally was onboard.

In NYC, my salary barely pays my half of the monthly bills and my minimum savings goals. But in SE Asia and many other parts of the globe, it pays for both of us and then some. Jack could explore new career and artistic endeavors, and I could finally focus on Bridal Musings in airier, happier, more beautiful spaces than my tiny, cranky, jackhammer-adjacent Brooklyn work desk.  

So we did it. I chatted with my amazing (beyond amazing, seriously incredible) employers, we successfully broke our lease, and we booked one-way tickets to Chiang Mai, Thailand for December 29, just six weeks after our wedding.

Claire Eliza & Jack DiBlasi Wedding Villa Santa Cruz Todos Santos A La Robe

It’s been liberating telling our friends and family our plans, finally escaping New York together with endless possibilities. Jack and I look forward to adventures beyond our imagination, clearer perspectives, beautiful vistas, private outdoor space, new food, cultures & wildlife to which I intend to report back to you here on Adventure Claire.

Where are we off too? Soon I’ll share maps & methods to our wild itinerary but we’ll start with a season in Southeast Asia hitting some lifelong dream spots (like Northern Thailand) & stopping by beloved favorites (like Central Vietnam). Then comes a summer in Europe, sunbathing on the Mediterranean. 

I’ll give details on how exactly one becomes a digital nomad, supply packing guides, food maps, spa recommendations, ethical travel tips and so much more. For now, you can live through our past adventures on my Instagram, Adventure Claire.

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